Introducing the Phantom Pack rear fender-A hybrid design seatbag with expandable storage capacity And suspension friendy fender in one!

Fender Base is break resistant transparent polycarbonate with Kevlar bottom stitch for added addrasion protection.

X-TENSION,Tensioning sytem straps keep fender in place,Pedal induced fender bob is canceled out.

Seat rail straps and seatpost strap are adjustable with Tuff-Tek anti slip reinforcment.

The storage container features YKK water resistant zipper and slider with enough storage for a small multi tool,patch kit,etc.
For additional storage,The storage bag can be removed and a small stuff sack can be stuffed in the main compartment,Then simply return the storage bag under the tension straps.(see pic to the right).

Rear fender features 3M reflective tracers on tension straps for added night visablity.

Fender connects to seatrails with adjustable quick release buckles.

Large diameter Industrial marine grade nylon and Kevlar thread used on all fenders.
Note: If you run your saddle all the way foreword on the rails the fender will rise above the saddle in the back due to the sharper angle between the seat post and saddle attachment.

The Core Tek is the workhorse of the rear fender line,Incorporating high tech material like carbon fiber,Hypalon,And X-Pac laminated sailcloth.
 width  -5.25'' (at widest point) 2'' at end                                        
 Storage Bag;L-7.25''x W-2.75''xH-1.5''
 Weight-195g approx.

This is Tribute to Retro styling,With lots of high tech to even it out,Kevlar/Carbon weeve and Leather come together to made a monster of a fender,Its name is Leather Face!
 width  -5.25'' (at widest point) 2'' at end
 Storage Bag;L-7.25''x W-2.75''xH-1.5''
 Weight-216g approx.

The Sik Puppy is the lightest of the rear fender models incorporating ultra lite racing sail laminate,With Kevlar and mylar film,Coming in at a 184g appox. You can say for sure,That its One Sick Puppy!
  Width-5.25''(at widest point)
  Storage Bag;L-7.25''xW-2.75''xH-1.5''
  Weight-184g approx.