The Leather/Carbon edition front fender is a tribute to retro styling with a hearty mix of new school materials to make a truly unique fender.That match nicely with Brooks style saddles and accessories.
Dimensions; length-15.5''
  width -4.5''(at widest point)
Storage Bag; Length-8''
  width -2.75''
Weight-110g approx.                   Price;$40.00can.
the Hypalon/Carbon edition is most popular of the line,Its a durable and stylish combination of modern materials that makes a eye catcher of a fender,
Dimensions; Length-15.5''
  width -4.5'' (at widest point)
Storage bag; Length-8'' width-2.75
Wieght-113g  approx.                     Price;$45.00can.
This Fender incorperates the best and most expensive of my materials,Including A Kevlar/Carbon fiber weeve in either natural yellow Kevlar or Dark orange,Tuff-Tek,Hypalon,X-PAC,with full Kevlar top stitch.Truly a masterpiece of a fender.
Dimensions; Length-15.5''
  width -4.5'' (at widest point)
Storage Bag; Length-8'' width-2.75
weight-115g Approx.                   Price;$50.00can.

Phantom Pack Front fenders - A down tube mount style fender that is great for protecting expensive carbon fiber and painted frames from damage in wet or dry conditions.

The base is break resistant transparent molded polycarbonate, with a Kevlar bottom stitch for added abrasion protection.

The stabilizer wings in choice of (Kevlar/Carbon) (Hypalon/Carbon) or (Leather/Carbon) connect base with the mounting system.

Adjustable mounting straps are logo friendly on show side, Made of flexible clear polymer with reinforcement stitch. Straps are secured with hook and loop (Velcro), and are held in place by Tuff-Tek anti slip material.

Adjustable strapping fits most frames, although extension pieces available by request.

All Pack fenders are constructed with large diameter industrial marine grade nylon and Kevlar thread.

Storage Bag Features-
-YKK water resistant zippers and sliders.
-Connection straps are quick and easy to install/remove or change position.
-Can be mounted on top or either side of down tube.
-Storage Bags come with removable foam piece to protect down tube.
-All zipper stops have Tuff-Tek covers for added water protection